Penis enlargement devices - study about penis extenders

Vimax extender The use of tissue expanders has long been a mainstay of treatment in the orthopedic, oral-maxillofacial, and plastic surgical fields. It is well documented that gradual expansion of tissue results in the formation of new bone and connective tissue. Recently, initial work has been done to evaluate the efficacy of penile extender devices for the treatment of Peyronie's disease.

A pilot study of 33 patients at Rush University Medical Center found that daily application of the Vimax extender for 2 to 8 hours per day for 6 months resulted in a 33% measured improvement in curvature (ranging from 10° to 45° improvement and resulting in an improvement in average curvature from 51° to 34°), an increase in flaccid stretched penile length ranging from 1.2 cm to 2.2 cm, and an improvement in hinge effect in all those with advanced narrowing or indentation. No patients noted recurrence or worsening of curvature during 6 months of follow-up, and there was no incidence of local skin changes, ulceration, loss of sensation, or worsening of curvature. The followed larger studies confirmed this statistical data.

Here are the results, which one can expect, from wearing a top quality penis enlargement device:

Penis enlargement process

Since ancient times the men try to increase the size of their penis. The oldest penis enlargement technique, called hanging, consisted of applying weights to the shaft of the penis. This resulted in increased length, but there was a chance of injury, if inappropriate weights were applied for a long time.

Nowadays the modern penis extender devices offer very good penis enlargement results and are totally safe. The process of penile elongation depends on the cell multiplication and the creation of new connective tissue in the corpora cavernosa, while one is wearing the device. The applied traction force to the penis can be increased with the time - starting with 600 grams and reaching up to 1500 grams. This will improve and speed-up the penis enlargement process.

The gained length and girth from the stretching with a penis extender are permanent. A lot of people also report better ejaculation control and more sexual desire after wearing a penis enlargement device for 6 months.

Extenders vs pumps

A lot of men use vacuum or water-assisted penis pumps hoping to achieve natural penis enlargement. But is there a real possibility for this? The chance is very small according to medical studies concerning the effectiveness of penile pumps. The water massage or the vacuum created by the pumps can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection, but their usage won't result in any significant natural penis growth. The best devices for penile enlargement are the penis extenders. The pumps can help you, if you suffer from ED or Peyronie's disease. Both the high quality extenders and pumps are totally safe devices and can be used by adult men of all ages.