Penis enlargement methods - which one is the best

One of the most wanted male desires is to increase the size of his penis. Since ancient times many men have tried different penis enlargement methods, some of them successful, other harmful and dangerous. In this article we discuss the currently known methods and techniques for penis enlargement. We have rated and compared them, so you can see for yourself, which is the best way for natural enlargement.

Here is a list of the different enlargement methods discussed in this article:

Manual penis exercises

Penis exercise The oldest technique for enlargement of the member is the manual exercise, sometimes called jelqing. It is done by applying force to the penis shaft in semi-erect condition. You can't expect good enlargement results, but if you suffer from premature ejaculation this type of exercise will surely help you.

Another penis exercise is this developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel. The so called Kegel exercises are very good for improving the erection function and controlling the timing of ejaculation. However they are not so good for penis enlargement. The Kegel exercises consist of tightening and releasing the pubococcygeus (P.C. muscle).

Synthetic injections

Penis injection There are different types of intracorporeal injections, which cause dilation of the penile arteries and increased blood flow. The strength of the followed erection depends on the drugs which are being injected. If they are from high quality a firm erection can be expected. However these injections do very little for a successful penis enlargement. Many people stay away from them, because they don't like the whole injecting procedure.

Penile augmentation surgery

Penis surgery Many men seek professional consultation with urologist and request a penis enlargement surgery. However a lot of them change their minds after they understand the limitations of the current known surgeries for penile augmentation.

The most popular kind of enlargement surgery is division of the penile suspensory ligament. It may increase the penile length, but usually not to a degree that satisfies the patient. The maximum enlargement result is 3 cm in length. However there are cases in which a penile shortening of 1 cm occurs. The urologists usually advice the men seeking penile lengthening through surgery, that this kind of intervention should be reserved as a last resort.

Stretching with devices

Penis extender A very old penis enlargement method is the penile stretching through weight application. The so called hanging technique has been performed in the ancient times from many men who applied different kind of weights to their penis, both in flaccid and erect condition. The results from such kind of manipulations differ a lot, often having dangerous consequences.

The modern ways for penis stretching are done by wearing a penis extender device. If the extender has been tested in different clinical studies then you can expect good penis enlargement results.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis pills There are many different penis pills on the online market today and a lot of them differ in the results, which one will get. If the penis enlargement pills are a top quality brand - Vimax pills - then you can expect excellent results. It is also important the ingredients of the pills to be natural, so that you won't experience digestion problems. A good bonus is if the pills can also increase your sex drive and give you harder erections. The top quality penis enlargement pills will surely be able to give you this.

Penis enlargement methods comparison table
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