Vimax extender - best penis enlargement extender

Vimax extender The Vimax extender is the best penis enlargement device available to buy online. It has been tested in many medical studies and declared successful treatment for small penis size. The Vimax extender will enlarge your penile length and girth, and bring back your sexual confidence. The longer time you use it, the bigger the penis growth will be. You can expect harder erections and more ejaculation control as well.

Vimax extender - way of working

The Vimax extender applies traction force to the penis shaft while worn. This stimulates the cell multiplication and leads to an increase in the penis length and girth. The traction force is fully adjustable, starting from 600 grams and after the second month of usage reaching 1500 grams. The penis enlargement process is 100% safe and not harmful. The Vimax extender has been part of many clinical studies, tested on thousand of patients.

Vimax extender - usage & side effects

The device is mounted by fastening the basal ring around the root of the penis, so that the two metal bars run parallel with the penis, one on each side, and the head of the penis rests in the bowl-shaped support. The Vimax extender comes with an instruction manual, so you can read it before starting to wear the device. We recommend 30 minutes to 8 hours a day of usage. The extender can be worn at night but may become detached during uneasy sleep or during a nightly erection. Accidental detachment merely requires re-mounting of the device.

If you want to achieve optimal penis enlargement results, you should use the Vimax extender 6 to 12 months. You can continue to wear it more, if you want more penis growth. The Vimax extender does NOT have any side effects.

Vimax extender - online order & price

The price for the device is $99 USD. It will be shipped in a special bag, containing spare parts and an instruction manual.

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Vimax extender - testimonials & customer reviews

5 stars from 4 customer reviews

Easy to use extender -
The Vimax extender is just so easy to use. Forget about the annoying pumps and vacuum devices. This is so addicting to use and the results are great!

High quality device -
I train for 15 minutes a day. The last 3 months I gained 1 inch in length and my girlfriend always tells me to wear it more. I guess she likes it too.

Great product -
A friend told me about the Vimax extender. I was skeptic at first, but then I decided to give it a try. I am using it since a month and my penis already started to grow in size.

The best out there -
I have tried many devices for penile enlargement and I like this one the most! It gives superb results! I recommend it to every man wanting a bigger penis.