Vimax patch - best male enhancement patch

The Vimax patch is the best male enhancement solution for erectile dysfunction, which will help you to achieve erections like never before. It is easy to use and the natural herbal ingredients of the patch are quickly absorbed through the skin. You will have a lot more sexual power and libido.

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Vimax patch - way of working

Vimax patch The Vimax patch contains special herbal ingredients, which are absorbed through the skin. 30 minutes after you have placed the patch, you will feel tickling sensations, which will last near 15 minutes. This indicates that the Vimax patch is applied and working properly - the herbs are enhancing your blood flow, allowing you to have strong penis erections.

You can expect the following results from wearing the Vimax patch:

Vimax patch - usage & side effects

The patch should be applied to a hairless, dry area in the pelvic region (lower abdomen). One patch should be used for 3 days. Do NOT wet the patch - remove it before taking a shower and apply it again, when the skin is dry. Replace the patch every 3 days.

The Vimax male enhancement patch have no known side effects.

Vimax patch - testimonials & customer reviews

5 stars from 2 customer reviews

Very effective patch -
I decided to try this patch and I was surprised it gave me hard erection for more than 3 hours. I have been using this since 6 months and I have no erectile problems when I wear it.

My wife loves me again -
I have tried many things including all known pills for erectile dysfunction, but all of them seemed to work only for couple of minutes. Since I started using the Vimax patch, my wife is in love with me again.