Vimax vs Extenze review - which penis pills are better

Vimax vs Extenze

Extenze will grant you with harder erections and more testosterone in compare to Vimax. The gained penis length and girth from Extenze will be smaller in contrast to Vimax. Extenze pills are cheaper than Vimax, but some customers reported headaches from them. Overall the higher quality male enhancement product is Vimax.

Vimax pills vs Extenze pills comparison table
Effects & properties / Pills Vimax pills Extenze pills
Length increase
Girth increase
Harder erections
Ejaculation control
Libido increase
Testosterone increase
Average rating
Price for 1 bottle $60 USD $50 USD
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Vimax pills & Extenze - testimonials & customer reviews

5 stars from 2 customer reviews

My penis size increased significantly -
I tried Vimax for 1 month and my penis size increased a little. Then I bought a 6 month package and the results so far are pretty good. I gained 2.5 cm in length already.

Extenze pills are worth the money -
This is one of the cheapest male enhancement solutions and I definitely have a lot more sexual stamina with it. I recommend Extenze to all adult men.