Vimax vs JesExtender review - which penis device is better

Vimax vs JesExtender

JesExtender is totally safe and easy to use penis enlargement device, which will grant you better ejaculation control than the Vimax extender. The penis growth effect from Vimax will be a lot bigger. The price of JesExtender is higher than Vimax. Overall the greater quality penile stretching device is the Vimax extender.

Vimax extender vs JesExtender comparison table
Effects & properties / Device Vimax extender JesExtender
Length increase
Girth increase
Harder erections
Ejaculation control
Libido increase
Curvature improve
Painless usage
Average rating
Price $99 USD $250 USD
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Vimax extender & JesExtender - testimonials & customer reviews

5 stars from 2 customer reviews

Vimax fixed my penis -
I had some strange penis bending all my life. Then I found the Vimax extender and after wearing it only for a month, my penile curvature improved significantly.

JesExtender feels very comfortable -
JesExtender feels so good to wear. I tried Vimax before and I didn't liked it that much. I use JesExtender since a month and the results so far are promising.