Vimax vs ProSolution review - which penis pills are better

Vimax vs ProSolution

ProSolution pills are as good as Vimax for penis enlargement. With ProSolution you will achieve harder erections and more ejaculation control in contrast to Vimax, but not so much libido and testosterone increase. ProSolution pills take more digestion time and their price is higher than Vimax. The better penis pills overall are Vimax.

Vimax pills vs ProSolution pills comparison table
Effects & properties / Pills Vimax pills ProSolution
Length increase
Girth increase
Harder erections
Ejaculation control
Libido increase
Testosterone increase
Average rating
Price for 1 bottle $60 USD $79 USD
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Vimax pills & ProSolution - testimonials & customer reviews

5 stars from 2 customer reviews

Vimax is the best -
I use Vimax since 9 months and I can tell you only one thing - this is the best penis pill. You should definitely try it if you haven't.

ProSolution pills are way better -
I like ProSolution because they give me stronger erections and more ejaculation control. Vimax aren't bad too, but ProSolution is my favorite brand.