Vimax vs VitaliKor review - which penis pills are better

Vimax vs VitaliKor

VitaliKor pills will give you harder erections than Vimax. However, the penis enlargement results won't be as good as that of the Vimax pills. Some customers report digestion problems while taking VitaliKor. The price of VitaliKor is the same as that of Vimax. The better male enhancement pills overall are Vimax.

Vimax pills vs VitaliKor pills comparison table
Effects & properties / Pills Vimax pills VitaliKor pills
Length increase
Girth increase
Harder erections
Ejaculation control
Libido increase
Testosterone increase
Average rating
Price for 1 bottle $60 USD $60 USD
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Vimax pills & VitaliKor - testimonials & customer reviews

5 stars from 2 customer reviews

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This is the best product for natural penis growth I have tried. Once you buy Vimax, you will never switch to other pills. They are really that good!

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VitaliKor helped me to overcome my impotence. I use the pills regularly since then and I feel great. My erections are always pretty strong.